Friday, 14 October 2011


Different Plant Dyes:

  • Catechu (brown) - from resin(sticky substance that comes from plant) of acacia tree.
  • Fustic (yellow) - from the wood of the fustic tree.
  • Henna (orange-red) - from leaves of the henna plant.
  • Indigo (blue), is from leaves and stems of the indigo plant.
  • Logwood (black) - from the core(heart) of the logwood tree.
  • Madder (Turkey red) - from the roots of the madder plant.
  • Quercitron (yellow) - from the inner bark of the black oak tree.
  • Saffron (yellow) - from stigmas of the common crocus.
  • Turmeric (violet) - from roots of the turmeric plant.Major Animal Dyes:
    • Cochineal (red) - from bodies of cochineal insects.
    • Tyrian Purple (purple or crimson) - from the bodies of some types of marine snails.
    • Sepia (brown) - from secretions of several types of cuttlefish.

    Mineral Dyes:

    • Chrome Green - from a compound of chromium and oxygen.
    • Chrome Red - from a compound of chromium and lead.
    • Chrome Yellow - from a compound of chromic acid and lead.
    • Prussian Blue - from a compound of iron and cyanide.

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