Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Carson Fox

Pink Slut
Mixed Media

Filigree #8
Wire and artificial hair

"I am interested in beauty, but I mistrust it. Instead, I look for beauty that exists in tension with the materials or the circumstances that invent it.

The selection of material is very important to me, and no material is too mean or humble if it is expressive. I appreciate non-traditional items, and I work on several things at once, often in series. As a consequence, my work usually falls into distinct groupings based on my material or media choices.

My series of “filigree” sculpture was originally inspired by Victorian hair sculpture and jewelry. Historically, these objects were crafted out of the hair of a deceased loved one and acted as a memento of the departed. My own sculptural works are elaborately crafted tapestries of delicate, hair-thin wire that bring to mind lace work on a large scale. Often these objects are hung in such a way that allows the resulting shadows to become important elements of the work. In these sculptures, while the decorative patterning may soothe, the hair like materials impart a sense of dread and mourning."

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