Thursday, 26 January 2012

Jodie Carey

Untitled (Laces), 2010, chiffon, bone (each) 225cm x 150cm

Blood Lines, 2009, bandages, steel, blood, plastic tubing

(each) 50cm x 50cm x 225cm

Untitled Installation, 2007, lard, newspaper, blood, tea, coffee

(each) 229cm x 106cm x 100cm

"Jodie Carey's work is often monumental. She creates sculptures that overpower and overwhelm the viewer. Whether suspended or floor-based, the grand scale of her work operates as a shrine to the past and its ongoing resonance in the present.Carey’s sculpture plays with extremes, juxtaposing monumental scale with the intricacy of craftsmanship. Her installations are immersive spaces which confront the viewer with the sheer physicality of the objects and the labour intensity of their construction. It celebrates both life and death and considers what it means to be human."

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